Friday, July 20, 2018

“MassCare is concerned about MA State Legislator Conference Committee Policy Proposal on HealthCare”


Contact: Jessica Gallo

“MassCare is concerned about MA State Legislator Conference Committee Policy Proposal on HealthCare”

BOSTON -  Today, on Beacon Hill the conference committee on healthcare was challenged by a variety of groups for potentially raising the cost of healthcare to address the shortfall often experienced by community and rural hospitals.

“The truth is that rural and community hospitals are operating in a system that puts them at a constant disadvantage, this policy as currently being articulated does not address that. If anything, this will cause consolidation due to cost and increases in the emergency rooms visits of larger hospitals. We need a better system and better policy, Medicare for all” said, Jessica Gallo, interim director of Mass-Care.

Mass-Care is the largest statewide organization in Massachusetts that advocates for universal healthcare. MassCare has drafted and filed legislation that would have studied the cost savings of moving to a single payer healthcare delivery system and the steps to create that system for the Commonwealth.

“Hampden county, has some of the worst healthcare outcomes in the state. It is considered one of the worst places in the country to live with asthma and has the most uninsured people in the state.

Today, the Senate chair of the Joint Committee on Healthcare Finance, who moved to send a common-sense policy that would have explored universal healthcare to effectively die, is now pitting community hospitals against raising premiums on everyday people in this state, who already pay 31% more for healthcare than the rest of the US.

The system is rigged, and we are constantly in these types of challenges because we do not embrace or even consider progressive policy proposals like universal healthcare,” said Rivera. Amaad Rivera is running for the Hampden State Senate seat against Senator James T. Welch on a platform of Universal Healthcare, environmental protections, and reducing gun violence. MassCare is proud to have endorsed Rivera in this race.

A Single Payer healthcare systems or Medicare for all, covers everyone under a single, publicly financed plan that provides comprehensive healthcare. All developed nations have some form of universal, publicly financed healthcare, besides the US.
Countries who have covered their population under single-payer plans have managed to achieve universal, comprehensive coverage while at the same time actually realizing enormous savings. Having a single plan for the whole population also means there aren’t different provider networks for different insurance plans, and everyone is free to choose the doctors, hospitals, and community health centers that they use.


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