I'm Amaad Rivera, and I'm running for State Senate because I have spent a career making our government work for everyone and challenging the status quo.

Growing up with a single mother, who struggled paycheck to paycheck like so many others, I know first-hand how a bit of tenacity, community support, and the proper investments can change lives.

I went to elementary school at Belcher Street in Chicopee, our family had roots in Springfield, and I met the love of my life in West Springfield. Hampden County is the place I call home.

From serving in the federal AmeriCorps program, to the Pell grants that got me through college, to the local institutions like libraries and community centers, they all played a role in my success.

Combining community support with the right investments is what allowed a working class kid like myself to go from being homeless to a being Policy Advisor for a United States Senator.

My story is like so many others, it is the story of our district. A story where despite our challenges we rise, and with the right investments we can soar.

But for too many families that is no longer the case.

We are facing some unprecedented challenges. We are living in a time of historic inequality, and Hampden County is no exception.

Overall, MA schools rank number 1 in the US, but a few hours outside of Boston’s booming economy our under-resourced and underfunded schools struggle to meet the needs of our children.

Our state ranks the highest in the nation for healthcare coverage, but families are still struggling to afford health insurance, and Hampden County has some of the greatest disparities in healthcare outcomes.

Small businesses serve as the backbone of our community, but we have seen too many close and too many struggle to stay open.

We pride ourselves on being the strictest state on gun control, but in Hampden County we have an incumbent who has an “A” rating from the MA chapter of the NRA. This is the same chapter who attacked young people in our state for marching for their lives and continues to oppose common sense gun control.

Even though this district is the crossroads of Western New England, we still do not have the transit funding we need to grow our economy.

Yet, despite these challenges we continue to rise. Now imagine if we had the leadership we deserve fighting for the resources we need to truly tap our potential!

Momentum is building, and change is on its way. I am joining the millions of people across the country and the thousands right here in Hampden who are part of a blue wave that will demand our elected leaders step up or step out of the way.

I am running to be that change.
I am running to be our courage during this dark time.
I am running to be our voice on Beacon Hill that won’t be ignored.
I am running to be your next State Senator!
As a Springfield City Councilor I entered office at the height of the Great Recession, which hit Springfield particularly hard. Unfair foreclosures and creeping blight was affecting our community, so I authored and passed legislation that gave the city the tools to stand up to greedy lenders.

As a Director of Housing Policy for the MA Commission on Discrimination I helped write the state’s housing development plan for the Pioneer Valley, mapping out our public investments to tap into our potential.

As a National Alumni Director for 10,000 Businesses I launched a new program to connect small business owners to a national public-private partnership that provides resources, training and opportunities to grow their businesses.

As a Policy Advisor to U.S. Senate Ed Markey I brought the voices and values of Western MA to bear on the biggest issues that we’re facing like access to high-speed internet, and proper funding for important regional transportation projects.

I attended Bentley University for undergrad and have a master’s degree in education at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Please join me, and vote for bold new leadership on September 4th.