Ensure Universal Healthcare

Our district is home to some of the greatest disparities in healthcare not only in the state but also in the nation as well as home to an ongoing opioid crisis. We need a comprehensive healthcare system that focuses on prevention, provides treatment, and allows access to everyone.

Fully Funded Public Schools

Education in Western Massachusetts has been significantly underfunded for decades, resulting in struggling schools that are failing our families. We need to fully fund the programs children need to succeed, including universal pre-k, access to nutritious foods, community centered schools, and extracurricular activities.

Promote & Develop Local Small Businesses

We need initiatives that will tap into our unique potential to benefit from emerging industries. Developing a robust small business economy will create high-paying jobs and spur the economic growth we need to make investments in education and infrastructure.

Resist the Trump Administration

The Trump administration is unfairly targeting immigrants and working to roll back our civil rights, environmental protections, access to healthcare, and reproductive rights. As a staffer for a US senator, I have seen first-hand the fear this puts in the hearts of our community. We need to be working to resist this administration not only on Capitol Hill but also on Beacon Hill.

Environmental Justice and Climate Change Action

Working class people are too often the first to suffer from a lack of environmental protections. We need to ensure our policies preserve both the environment and our communities. That is why as a Springfield City Councilor, I fought alongside local advocates against a new power plant that would have harmed one of our poorest communities and that is why I have signed a pledge not to take money from fossil fuel companies. I will fight hard for an environmental agenda that creates the green jobs needed to lift up our district while reducing emissions and moving us into a clean energy future.